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Breakfast at the Oleander House

  • Dining Room Ceiling

Breakfast at the Oleander House is a special time of day and no one ever skips twice.  We pride ourselves on cooking from only whole and seasonal ingredients.  Every day the house is filled with the smell of something baking in the kitchen. 

We make sure that you have a full breakfast before wine tasting and include protein items, vegetarian selections and custom recipes developed by the inn.  Fresh fruit salad, chicken sausage and home baked desserts are included in every meal.  We try to alternate between a protien (egg) based dish; and a carbohydrate based dish every other day.  We want to please everyone.  If you have a special request or a favorite item, just let us know and we will try to work it in to the menu.

We serve breakfast each day at 9:00 am and it is served family style at our large dining table.  Guests meet and share wine tasting tips and restaurant ideas.

Enjoy a full breakfast prepared by us, featuring house specialties such as:

  • Apple-Cranberry-Pecan Bread Pudding with Vanilla Custard Sauce
  • A Myraid of Egg Dishes
  • Oatmeal Bruleé
  • fresh baked desserts daily

Sit around in the sun-drenched dining room comparing notes and experiences with other guests, while enjoying the view of our inspiring gardens. Peek into our gourmet kitchen, and if you want to try a recipe at home, be sure to ask for a copy.

Special Diets can be accomodated along with most allergies.

Just let us know when we ask.

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  • Oatmeal brulee
  • chicken frittata
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